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Foundation courses for Xth pass students with two combinations: ( PCM / PCB ) with 2 years program. In this seed-stage we help students understand the core of all subjects and prepare them for the best.

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Foundation + Target

This course is for those who are studying in X and XII. We offer 2 years and 1-year programs for this course. We offer detailed and structured classes for your entrance exams. 

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Crash Courses

Crash course is for students appearing for class XIIth exam. 

With a duration of 3months, we offer 5 test series and continuous practice to make students robust for exams.

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Dimension Distance Learning Programme. (DDLP)

Students can available the course curriculum if they live out of the city. Our teacher will be available online.  A student who wants to take a hostel facility can also take up this course.

Why worry when TheDimension is with you

We also offer online classes of all types of courses available on our platform. Students who are far from our institute can always opt for online classes.

Call: 90382 63594 to know more.